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一肖中特书刊:price trend

一肖中特大公开香港 K: domestic potash market continues to horizontal finishing. Port offer maintain prophase, white Russia, 2100-2120 yuan/ton, grain, 2080-2150 yuan/ton, the red 2000-2060 yuan/ton, belarus 62% powder 2120-2130 yuan/ton, plus white 2120 yuan/ton, the actual clinch a deal the order. Potassium sulfate market running smoothly, mannheim, 50% potassium sulfate powder factory to clinch a deal between 2770-2850 yuan/ton, the south market better than the north. Potash market or start in August. Compound fertilizer, although the recent factory policies and stimulate the market price, but the terminal market to open more slowly, and delivery enthusiasm no ascension, play, weak light stabilizing the overall market. At present 45% cl (3 * 15) compound fertilizer mainstream ex-factory price in 1900-1950 yuan/tons; 45% s (3 * 15) ex-factory price 2350 yuan

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price trend

K:domesticpotashmarketcontinuestohorizontalfinishing.Portoffermaintainprophase,whiteRussia,2100-2120yuan/ton,grain,2080-2150yuan/ton,thered2000-2060yu ....

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